Finding Your Dream Job In Tough Economy

Are you one of the twelve and a half million unemployed American adults? Or are you employed but either worried about your job security or unhappy with the work itself, your work conditions, or the people with whom you have to interact? Or are you retired but finding that your pension does not make the cut?

It takes courage to change careers in times like these, when there could be ten or more people waiting for your spot. And it takes determination and creativity to find your dream job when you left the workforce — willingly or not — possibly months or even years ago.

On the other hand, it’s easy to become discouraged when you see a position that seems to be a perfect fit for you, you send in your updated and customized résumé with a smashing cover letter, and then you either never hear back or only receive a notification that another candidate was found more suitable. What, not even an interview?! This can be extremely disappointing and depressing, especially when it happens repeatedly.

What is it that you like about being employed, anyway? Perhaps it is the steady cash flow, health insurance and a retirement plan. Or maybe a routine, knowing what needs to be done, and someone holding you accountable. Or possibly the opportunity to contribute your skills and knowledge to a worthy cause. It could also be a combination of some or all of these factors.

If the first set of factors (predictable compensation and benefits) is the most important to you, then a J.O.B. is indeed what you need to look for. However, if what you are really seeking is personal fulfillment, you have a lot of other options, as well.

Have you ever thought of creating a job for yourself? This time of recession has prompted many Americans like you to do so.

What are your options? 

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Traditional Business

If you have a very specific set of skills and relevant resources, you could start a traditional, “brick and mortar” business. Maybe you have a hobby, such as crafts or gardening, or maybe you have already been helping your family, friends and neighbors in some area, such as landscaping, plumbing, carpentry, hair styling, sewing, or cooking, to name just a few possibilities. If they liked what you have done for them, they would most likely be very happy to recommend you to their family, friends and neighbors, thus helping you build your customer base. Word of mouth is certainly the most powerful – and least expensive – form of advertising.


One of the drawbacks of a traditional business is its cost. Unless you already own all the tools you are going to need and can perform the work in your home or garage, starting a business like this may be cost-prohibitive.