Rules and Regulations

Students Expectations, Obligations and Responsibilities

Through the combined team efforts of dedicated teachers and parents, we encourage our students to improve their self-esteem and high expectations. Our students are active participants in meeting our schools goals of excellence. The following outlines are expectations and responsibilities our students should have of their school, staff, and themselves.

Students Expectations

  • The best educational opportunities.
  • A staff which is sensitive and responsive to their individual needs.
  • Fair and just treatment from the staff and other student.

Students Obligations

  • Respect for themselves, staff and school property.
  • Diligence and sustained effort in their schoolwork and activities.
  • Behavior that will be a credit to themselves, their families, their school and the community.

Students Responsibilities

  • Homework is the responsibility of the student.
  • Homework should be handed in on time.
  • When students miss a class, it is their responsibility to makeup any assigned work in the time allocated by the teacher.

Homework Policy

The completion of homework assignments will help students achieve higher grades. Students will be assigned homework several times a week, in each subject. We advise all students to spend an adequate time doing homework. Home study plays an integral role in the academic process. Homework involves not only written assignments but studying as well.

Homework sees to:

  • Reinforce the day’s
  • Prepare for the next day’s lesson
  • Develop good study habits and reinforce acquired skills
  • Help develop a sense of responsibility
  • Prepare students to meet deadlines
  • Help students become independent ledgers and problem solvers
  • Learn to incorporate available resources

It is hoped that parents and teachers will communicate often regarding the completion of homework assignments. This collaboration will encourage our students to have good study habits.

Rules of Student Behavior

  1. Students are to follow all school rules and regulations at all times. Students are to conduct themselves in a manner which respects the rights of other students and staff including:
    • The right to a clean, safe, non threatening environment
    • The right to courtesy at all times
    • The right to the protection of personal property
    • The right to hear only acceptable language


  1. Attendance is compulsory in all classes. A note signed by the student’s parent or guardian explaining an absence must be presented to the student’s teachers and the Attendance office on the day they return to school. In the case of a medical excuse the student must provide a legitimate Doctor’s note. If the student is participating in a school authorized activity it must be authorized activity it must be previously excused in writing.Excused Absences
    • Death in the student’s immediate family
    • Illness of the student
    • Medical appointments
    • Religious observances
    • Court appearances
    • Visits to colleges

Absences for all other reasons are unexcused and shall be treated as truancy.

  1. Lateness
    • Students are expected to arrive at school and for all classes punctually
    • Students arriving late for school in the morning must surrender their ID card to security. Students who are late will be required to serve detention after school
    • Every five (5) lateness to class will count as one (1) unexcused absence from that class


  1. Students in the halls during classes must carry a pass from the teacher


  1. Dress Code Students are expected to dress in a manner that is neat tidy and appropriate. The following will not be allowed to be worn in the school building.
    • Hats
    • Du-rags and over head gear
    • Inappropriate or suggestive clothing
    • Walkman, Beeper and Cellular phones


  1. Smoking is not permitted in the building, on school grounds nor at any school-sponsored activity.


  1. Being under the influence, the use, the possession and the transfer of any drug or drug “look-alike” including alcohol on school property or at any school sponsored activity is in violation of Board of Education policy. Violators will be subject to suspension and their parents will be noticed. Appropriate cases will be referred to the proper authorities.


  1. Cheating, Stealing of answers, plagiarizing, and academic dishonesty in any form, including inappropriate use of the school’s computing network will not be tolerated. Evidence will be collected and the appropriate action will be taken.


  1. Eating is only permitted in the cafeteria


  1. Students are not permitted in the following area:
    • Storage areas, boiler rams and rooms used by the care taking staff
    • Unsupervised classrooms
    • Unsupervised locker rooms
    • Mail Room
    • Private properties neighboring the school grounds


  1. Students may remain after school only for supervised activities.


Excuse to Leave Early

Any excuse from a parent or Doctor to leave before the end of the school day, must be accompanied by a note. The note must be brought to the attendance office at the start of the school day. The note must include:

  • Student’s name, official class end the date
  • The time of and the reason for the excuse to leave early
  • A telephone number where the parent can be reached
  • Be signed by the parent/guardian

Students under the age of eighteen must be accompanied by a parent/guardian when leaving school on an early excuse pass. An “Early excuse pass” that is signed by the Principals office and a copy received by the attendance office, will be issued after all data is verified.

Transportation Passes

The school provides transportation passes to all students who qualify to receive them. Passes are not replaceable. However, under special circumstances stolen passes may be replaced, if the theft is reported to the main office in a timely manner. It is illegal for students to lend other students their passes. Students who abuse these rules may lose metro card privileges.

Identification Cards

Students must have their identification card with them at all times in school and at school functions. If requested by a staff member, students must present their ID card. ID cards are obtainable at the beginning of the school year. Any lost or stolen ID card must be reported to the main office. A new card will be issued for a fee of $5.00.


The school furnishes textbooks. The subject teacher distributes textbook during the first week of the school and a record will be kept of each textbook given to a student. Upon receipt of a textbook, the student is to write his/her name in ink on the inside front cover. It is the student’s responsibility to keep all textbook safe and in good condition. Students will be fined for lost or damaged books. Fees for lost or damaged books must be paid before the end of each term. Students who do not pay their fines will be subject to appropriate measure by the administration.

School Property

When damage to school property occurs, those responsible will pay for the damage. When damage is done by a group of students the entire group will share the cost. The school may withhold the report card or the student’s transcript until the cost of repairing such damages has been paid.

Program Cards

Program cards are issued at the start of each term. They must be kept in the students’ possession at all times. Any lost or stolen card must be reported to the Guidance Office. A new card will be issued for a fee of $1.00.

Report Card

Formal computerized report cards are issued six times during the school year. Each school term, three report cards are issued at the end of each marking period. A marking period extends for six week. Final grades are based on the average all three marking periods. Parents are encouraged to contact the school if they have any concerns abut their child’s progress.

Open School

Open school is held twice per year. These Parent-Teacher Conferences are generally held in late October (Fall Term) and late March (Spring Term). Students are encouraged to attend.


Final examinations are generally held at the end of the third marking period. During these common examination sessions, students are expected to be present at the prescribed dates and times of their exams.

  • A student who is on a trip at the time of these exams may not be allowed to take the examination during at another time.
  • A student who is absent from an examination during the end term examination sessions must present a Doctor’s certificate. A decision will be made on make-up exams.
  • Advanced Placement examinations are held in May. Students must be enrolled in the class in order to take the examination.
  • SAT I & SAT II exams are given at various times during the year and are given at outside facilities. More information may be obtained from the College Once.
  • PSAT exams are given once in October at the school. Contact the College Office for more information.